Pièces détachées Porsche Cayman

The difference between Cayman and Boxster is the positioning of the engine and the two trunks.

The boxers are convertibles while the Caymans are hard tops. They have been manufactured together and in the same place.

The regular Cayman was however launched lately in 2006, as a coupe. For both models was an option an automatic Tiptronic with five speeds. The engine for the standard version was 2.7liters with a 5-speed transmission.

In 2009 were made improvements such as facelift and direct injection was added to the S version. What was new was the just launched limited slip differential for these models. It was awarded approximately 30 times since its launch in 2006, as Best Roadster in the World in 2016, Best Sports Car in 2006, Car of the year in 2006, Sports car of the year and many more.

The second generation Cayman was launched in 2013 with a 2.7L engine on the regular and 3.4l engine on the sport version with either 6 or 7-speed PDK transmission. The interior was adjusted to 911's models. The sport version was with the same engine as the lastest 911.

Caymans S fastback coupe was launched first in 2015. It was with 3.4 liters flat six with 6-speed manual transaxle.

The third generation was launched in 2016. The model began in 2016 was also named 718, and was also flat-four turbocharged, with a lower price than the Boxster as Porsche's idea was to price higher the roadsters. It was offered with 2 and 2.5 liters displacement.

The exterior remains similar, with an interior similar to 981 Cayman and 991.2. The steering is updated with sports modes to choose from. Large air induction ports are also included.

Even with two cylinders less the model overperform the 981 model both measuring the speed and the comfort the car gives. It was announced as the 2nd best car in 2017.

In racings, Cayman makes the right impression, with eight wins scored, 2-second places and one third place in a Championship. In 2010 in GTS class was won SCCA Wold Challenge.

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