Pièces détachées Porsche 924

It was designed to replace 914, sports car produced between the years of 1976 and 1988.

It is the first Porsche to be offered with entirely automatic transmission.

The sales exceed 150 000 vehicles, and it became a vital part of the company’s profit. It was created by cooperation between VW and Porsche.

It is the first Porsche to have a front engine rear wheel drive configuration and the first to be with a fully automatic transmission.

It was launched in 1975 at La Grande Motte and was one of Porsche's best selling models at the time. It was with a four-speed manual transmission, Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection initially with 95 horsepower and later on raised to 110 in 1977.

After that, the four-speed manual transmission was changed to five-speed and later on changed to H pattern. It was mostly improved until 1977 after that only small changes occurred.

It was a design model for the second generation Mazda RX-7 and was described in magazines as "the best handling Porsche in stock form." However, it was also criticized for its performance.

Enthusiasts are looking mostly for the 81 and 82 Turbo models as they are very rear in good condition nowadays.

924 Turbo was with a new all cylinder head and increased to 170 hp, but it was also more massive than 911 and less reliable because of the lack of the customers to take good care for a turbo. It led to shot component life.

The model introduced in North America was with almost 20% less hp than the European.

Carrera GT built for racing competitions in which Porsche wanted to participate back then. It had plastic front, plastic front spoiler, rear rubber spoiler. To comply with the regulations, later on, they were offered as road cars with 245 and 210hp.

Carrera GTR was with 375 hp and weight off 931 kg, which allowed it to run with approximately 290 km per hour.

Classic parts and Spare Parts Porsche 924S

924S was produced in 1984, as Porsche decided to drop the previous engine blocks. It was cheaper and faster than 944 because of its weight and more sports body.

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