Pièces détachées Mercedes Benz Gullwing-300SL

It was produced between 1954 and 1963 as a Grand Tourer and sports car. It had gull-wing doors and 4-speed manual transmission with two 1996cc engines. It was with direct fuel injection and became the sports car of the century in 1999. SL stands for super-light. Approximately 80% were exported to the USA. The body was mainly from steel, but it could also be purchased with aluminum. The top speed on the coupe model was 260 km per hour and was able to fit 130 liters into the tank, while the Roadster could fit only 100. Torsion bar stabilizer, wishbones and coil springs were installed. In the coupe, brake booster and drum brakes were installed. The primary color vehicle was silver gray. It was with straight six engines. Dry sump lubrication was also added. It was with 215 hp and a sports version of 240hp which became the fastest car at that moment. The most demanded was with leather interior. When the sales of the Coupe began to fall in 1956, a Roadster was launched. In 1958 a hardtop was released as an option. In 1961 Dunlop disc brakes were upgraded. Approximately 1850 Roadster and 1400 coupe were produced, with the Roadster being on the market for 7 and the coupe for four years. Ralph Lauren, Luigi Chinetti and Rob Walker owned such vehicles. Nowadays, the Gullwing is considered one of the most desired cars, with offers for over a million dollars. It was ranked number 5 car of all times.

A sports version was created between 1952 and 1953 and finished in top 3 at Le Mans, Mille Miglia, and Bern Sports Car Prize. It was with W194 engine with 175 hp.

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