Pièces détachées BMW Isetta

It was produced in the UK, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Argentina. It was a microcar with Italian design also known as a bubble car. It was the first mass-produced car with consumption as low as 3 liters per 100km and even the top-selling vehicle in the world. It was launched with different names and features in different markets.In Italy, it was called Iso Isetta and was launched as a coupe, produced between 1953 and 1956. It was with an engine from a motorcycle and was a grand innovation for its time. In case of an accident, the passengers could leave the vehicle through the sunroof. The engine was two-stroke split-single with 9.5 hp and 236cc. It was egg-shaped with a top speed of 75km per hour.Iso Autocarro was launched in Spain. It was available in other body styles as well, with the full-width rear axle. It was also very popular in Italy, with larger tubular frame, four-wheel layout and four-speed manual transmission with reverse. Approximately 4 000 were produced. VELAM Isetta was launched in France, with slightly different new body style and the same engine from the Isetta. It was known as yogurt pot. It had rear transmission, tires, and engine. Push button for entering the vehicle was also updated, and the speedometer's location was changed. It was produced between 1955 and 1958 as a race car, a one-off Sport, convertible, standard, and luxury versions.In Argentina, it was launched as De Carlo with a redesigned outlook. Approximately 1500 were manufactured. Romi-Isetta was launched in Brazil in 1956, and it was the first car built in Brazil. It was used as a base for developing the industry there. They were with the same engines until 1959 when it is switched to the 300cc engine from BMW. The production ended in 1961. BMW Isetta was introduced in Germany with one cylinder, four-stroke 247cc engine from a motorcycle with 13hp. It was again with Italian design, but with re-engineered parts,  produced between 1955 and 1962. The crankcase was made of cast iron and the cylinder head from aluminum. The sump was enlarged, and the engine-gearbox was soundproofed. It could be driven with a license for a motorcycle. Roughly 160 000 were produced in Germany. BMW Isetta in the UK, it was not very popular in the UK, and in 1962 the production ended. It was right-hand drive with Lucas electric and Dunlop tires. The three-wheeled version was introduced and was more liked because of the lower taxes and the possibility to be driven just with a motorcycle license.

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