Pièces détachées BMW E34

It is the third generation of the 5 Series, produced between 1987 and 1996. It was first offered as a sedan, and later as an estate. It is the first time when an all-wheel drive is launched in 5 Series, in 525iX. Also for the first time, V8 appears in the 5 Series. They were with stability and traction control and adjustable damping. A six-speed manual transmission was also added. E34 was offered with about nine different engines such as V8, straight-six, and four-cylinders. M5 was offered with S38 straight six both as sedan and wagon. The model had different top-speed and horsepowers from 111 to 335. Diesel versions were also available. The models were offered with four-speed automatic and manual transmissions, and 5 and six-speed manual transmissions. They featured MacPherson struts front suspension, semi-trailing arms with coil springs,  control arms, recirculating ball design and rack, and pinion steering system. Approximately 1 333 000 were produced in South Africa and Germany.

518i was launched only in Europe with 4-cylinder M40 and M43 engine, 5-speed manual transmission and wagon, and sedan body styles. Approximately 53 000 were produced.

520i was the second most famous E34, with a six-cylinder engine, single-cam M20, twin-cam M50 engine, and VANOS. The model with M50 was the most popular E34 in Europe.  Approximately 427 000 were produced.

525tds was introduced in 1991 with M51 inline six-cylinder diesel, turbocharged engine, introduced in sedan and wagon.

525i was the most popular E34 in the world, with M20, M50, and M50TU engines. Approximately 435 000 were produced.

525iX was the first all-wheel drive in the 5 Series, with M50 engine, central differential and rack, and pinion steering. It was available as wagon and sedan. Approximately 9400 were produced.

530i was with six-cylinder and V8 engine with five-speed automatic and manual transmission. The V8 model was with a wider grill which later on became standard in all the models. Approximately 58 000 were produced.

535i was with six-cylinder M30B35 available as a sedan.

540i was powered by M60 V8, with a 6-speed manual and five-speed automatic transmission. It was available as sedan and wagon. Approximately 26 500 were produced, mainly with automatic transmission.

M5 was available as sedan and Touring, with S38 straight-six engine with 3.6 liters displacement and 311hp. It was later on updated to 3.8 liters with 335hp. It was also produced with a 6-speed manual transmission. 


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