Pièces détachées BMW E30

It was the second generation of the 3 Series, produced between 1982 and 1994 as two-door sedan and convertible. It was the first of the 3 Series to be also offered as wagon and four-door sedan. It was available with four and six-cylinder petrol engines and for the first time in the 3 Series with a six-cylinder diesel engine. The first model had an S14 four-cylinder engine with 235hp. 325iX was the first model from the 3 Series with all-wheel drive. The car was looking very much like E21 from outside, but with a differed interior and improved suspension. The E30 was also known as Touring. The six-cylinder engines were improved, and new four and six-cylinder engines were introduced. They were offered with 4 and 5-speed manual and 3 and four-speed automatic transmissions. The cars featured front MacPherson struts and rear semi-trailing arm suspension, which increased the inside space. The vehicles had mostly disk brakes on the front and rear wheel, but also and rear drum brakes on some models. In 1986 was introduced ABS. They were produced in Germany and South Africa. They had significant success in racings. Approximately 2.435 000 were provided. In the US and Canada were launched 318i with M10 and M42 engines, 318is, 325i, 325is, 325, 325es, 325e, and 325ix. The models launched in these countries were with rear shortened aluminum bumpers and elongated front. In South Africa were launched sedans and coupes with a four-cylinder engine. 333i was meant only for South Africa. 320is was created for Portugal and Italy, as coupe and sedan with a left-hand drive with 1990cc S14 with 192hp. It had limited slip differential and M3 instrument cluster. Approximately 3700 were produced. In 1985 was introduced a diesel-engined 324d, and the exterior and interior trim of the cars were improved. In 1987, M40 was updated with rear apron and license plate frame.

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